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Hospital Link Project Project Update Winter 2018


Hillcrest School Council Newsletter


Message from the President of the Elmvale Acres Communty Association

The Elmvale Acres Community Association has launched a petition to have the Competition Bureau of Canada intervene in this newspaper deal that would strip the voice of communities like ours. Please click the link highlighted below to view and sign the petition.

Kindest regards,

EACA executive


Summary of FHCA Annual Meeting by Councillor Cloutier

Good day, neighbours,

It was a pleasure to speak with you during the Faircrest Heights Community Association meeting on Wednesday evening. My colleague, Erin, and I took notes of what we heard that we may be able to assist with, and have actioned these items. They are: 

       Potholes along the eastern side of Lynda Lane approaching the hospital, and a pothole on Roger Rd near the intersection of Highridge Rd.

o   These have been sent to Matt Kavanagh in the Roads Services department for review and action

       The stretch of Billings Ave approaching Lynda Lane is quite dark in the evening and night time

o   We have submitted a service request to have this area reviewed for street lights

       There are visibility issues due to shrubs and trees at the intersections of Lynda Lane and Smyth Rd (turning right from Smyth to Lynda) and at Alta Vista Dr and Faircrest Rd (turning right on Alta Vista from Faircrest) 

o   We have forwarded these concerns to Myles Lance in the Forestry department for review and action

       The speed limit signs are too infrequent along Smyth Rd

o   Our colleague, Riley Carter, with the Transportation Services department will review to see if more signs are needed based on the OTM and HTA requirements

       The pedestrian light at the intersection of Smyth Rd and Valour Dr is too infrequent (crossing Smyth) and is unresponsive when the crossing button is pushed

o   Michael Carneiro in Transportation Services will review

       A speed display board (or other traffic calming measures) would be beneficial at or near the intersection of Pleasant Park Rd and Fairbanks Ave

o   Robert Charbonneau, our colleague in the Temporary Traffic Calming (TTC) department will review this area and provide his recommendations for TTC measures for spring 2018. We have passed the deadline to purchase and install TTC measures for 2017. The installation season typically begins in May. Our office has a set budget for TTC measures, which must be spread equitably throughout Ward 18. We are happy to review any location where you feel TTC measures should be installed, but cannot guarantee that location will be feasible, or practical based on equitable distribution. Please be as specific as possible when requesting TTC reviews, ie. address, facing east, west, north, southbound traffic etc. so that we can do our best to address your concerns.  My collegue Erin manages our safe street program she can receive your requests at jeancloutierott@ottawa.ca 

If we missed any action items, please do not hesitate to contact my office by emailing jeancloutierott@ottawa.ca, or by phoning (613) 580-2488. Even if I am not able to directly address your concerns, comments, or questions, my team and I will do our best to put you in touch with the appropriate party, be it MPP John Fraser, MP David McGuinty, or a department within the City of Ottawa. I would also like to encourage you to contact my office year-round as issues arise. 

You can also keep up-to-date on activities and news in Alta Vista, and find out about upcoming community office hours - where you can stop by to speak to me in the neighbourhood - by subscribing to my weekly newsletter at jeancloutier.com.  

Thank you very much for having me out to your community association meeting. It is my pleasure and privilege to serve the residents of Faircrest Heights.


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